Charged Cycle Works Custom 18/21" SurRon Build

Sale price$6,651.00


November 2021 Build Bike Specs (this price did not include the stock SurRon itself, just the upgrades!)

For our November build we were planning a sweet black/blue themed build. However, we had a special request that took inspiration from Josh's Black and Red 16/19" bike but with a slight twist. This one will feature our larger 18/21" wheels with a Manitou Dorado. Of course it will also come complete with custom graphics and number plates!  🔥🔥🔥

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Wheels and tire upgrades

Suspension upgrades

Power upgrades

Control, ergonomics, and protection upgrades

*Price does not include the SurronX bike


LOCAL PICKUP OR BUYER ARRANGED SHIPPING ONLY!!  You must be able to pick up this bike at our Salt Lake City, Utah location.  We will not ship this bike unless you arrange your own motorcycle shipping service, once these bikes come out of the crate they are not going back into a crate.