Charged Cycle Works - April - Custom SurRon Build

Option: Stock SurRon X Light Bee (black edition)
Sale price$6,216.00


April 2022 Custom Build (bikes coming next week! sign up for the notification to be alerted when they are in stock!)

Let us build your dream bike!

This custom build will take advantage of everything we've learned from past builds BUT will be a completely bespoke build. Although we offer a menu of potential items below, this build will be 100% personalized for you.

Wheel size/colors, power levels, extended-range battery, etc. all your choice. You could try to piece all these upgrades together yourself and hope to assemble them correctly, or you can let us build it for you using our years of experience (and secret inventory we reserve specifically for custom builds).

The starting point for this build will be a stock SurRon X black edition. (2022 retail price of $4,500) You are also welcome to source/supply your own bike.

Of course it will also come complete with custom graphics and number plates!  🔥🔥🔥

Stage1 is all about riding comfort and ergonomics. This is the most basic starting point every SurRon rider should have.

Stage2 adds a 16" rear wheel + moto tires. The way a SurRon SHOULD have come from the factory. This is a must-have for any serious off-road rider.

Stage3 adds speed, power, traction, and flat protection. This package will make your bike 2x as fast and 2x as capable vs a stock SurRon.


Treat everything below like a menu, add or remove whatever you like...

Wheels, tire, and drive train upgrade options (choose whichever color you want)

Suspension upgrades

Power upgrades: Stock SurRon is 4.8kw, 7-8.5kw is possible for OEM bypassed batteries, 12kw is standard with our upgraded aftermarket batteries!

  • Motoclops BAC4000 (EggRider display)
  • EBMX BAC4000 (APT color display)
  • EBMX BAC8000 (this is the monster tune on Brian's 72v bike)

Control, ergonomics, and protection upgrades (choose whichever color you want)

* Treat this whole list like a menu. We can discuss your dream build based off your preferred upgrades. The starting point is a stock SurRon X black edition.

** Optional EBMX 60v 53ah or EBMX 72v 42ah battery (additional $1,885 + $150 shipping)

LOCAL PICKUP OR BUYER ARRANGED SHIPPING ONLY!!  You must be able to pick up this bike at our Salt Lake City, Utah location.  We will not ship this bike unless you arrange your own motorcycle shipping service, once these bikes come out of the crate they are not going back into a crate.  

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