Charged Cycle Works - September 2022 custom Surron bike build

Sale price$10,523.00


Although most of our custom bike builds are bespoke for each customer, we had one idea in mind for our September build. FUN!

A combination of our favorite upgrades: it's fast, fun, and easy to ride.


Starting with a 2022 SurRon Light Bee X, upgrades include:

16/19" Warp9 wheelset for improved traction and flat protection. Easily one of the best upgrades you can make to increase confidence on the trail. With moto tires that are 2-3x bigger than OEM, this wheelset makes the bike feel softer and more compliant (almost like it adds another inch or two of suspension). With a 54t sprocket and lighter/faster chain, this is our favorite setup.

BAC4000 power controller for 30% more power. Tuned to 8kw with 9 power settings, this is one of the most versatile upgrades you can make. Ride in modes 1-3 if you're just getting started, or turn it up to modes 8-9 if you want to absolutely fly. This is the same setup Nate rides on his bike (including the RedBull TKO enduro race) but can easily turn down the power when friends/family/kids want to ride it.

ProTaper handlebars and EBMX direct-mount riser stem make the bike WAY more comfortable and controllable. Hunched over no longer, this setup is so good we put it on every bike we build. The steering is more solid and the angle is easier on your wrists.

Upgraded blue footpegs/support brace, suspension triangle, and .75 riser linkage improve strength and reduce flex to round out this build.

2022 SurRon LBX's like this one come with the best suspension they've ever shipped with, KKE front and rear.


Although this bike is ready to roll and needs nothing else, feel free to contact us using our website chat feature if you'd like to add anything (like an upgraded battery for 2x the range and 2x the power).

*Also listed for sale locally, must be picked up at our SLC, Utah location. (or you can arrange your own shipping)