Dunlop K990 70/100-21 2.75x21

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The Dunlop K990 is one of the lightest options for both 18" and 21" tires making it ideal for the surron.  And for those with an RST Killah front fork, it gets even better, this 21" tire is one of only 2 tires that will fit inside your narrow fork.  Double Bonus!!

See the K990 at the top of our weight charts for both 21" and 18" tires!

  • Vintage: Over 100 years of product performance.
  • Off-Road: Provide grip and handling for off-road performance.
  • Classic pattern; modern construction.
  • Modeled after the early 90's Off-Road racing pattern.
  • Imported to meet the needs of the vintage market.
  • Ideal for small-bore vintage bikes of 100 / 125cc classes.