Charged Cycle Works - February 2022 Custom SurRon Build

Sale price$11,622.00


February 2022 Ludicrous XX Custom/Bespoke Build

2022! New year, new bike build! This custom build will take advantage of everything we've learned from past builds BUT this time we are starting with the Luna Ludicrous XX. More power (2x the amp output) than a normal Light Bee X model, it's a great starting platform (upgraded controller and battery).

Luna's Ludicrous XX is an extremely rare and very popular SurRon, only 100 sold during Black Friday weekend each year. We wanted to build a wheelset worthy of this rare beast, and we absolutely love the look of the Red Warp9 rims with our red hubs.

Of course it will also come complete with custom graphics and number plates!  🔥🔥🔥

Wheels, tire, and drive train upgrades

Suspension upgrades

  • Manitou Dorado Expert (video review here)

Power upgrades

  • Luna Ludicrous XX (double the amps/double the torque). Wheelie monster!

Control, ergonomics, and protection upgrades


* Price includes the brand new Luna Ludicrous XX bike

LOCAL PICKUP OR BUYER ARRANGED SHIPPING ONLY!!  You must be able to pick up this bike at our Salt Lake City, Utah location.  We will not ship this bike unless you arrange your own motorcycle shipping service, once these bikes come out of the crate they are not going back into a crate.  

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