Motocross style seat for Surron Segway

Color: Red-Black
Sale price$245.00


Race Spec Surron specially designed this seat for Sur-Ron and Segway providing greatly improved comfort, better maneuverability, better grip. less pressure on your knees due to increased seat height as well as improved rider control due to additional knee grip area.

(The Sur-Ron seat is too narrow and short. For aggressive riding it has no grip around the battery cover where knees should be able to squeeze and grip for greater control and stability)

This unique seat attaches to the battery cover (template and fittings provided) which allows the seat to fully tilt providing access to the battery for easy removal. This requires drilling a hole in your battery lid to attach securely. 

(*Please note these seats do not work with the aftermarket seat extender/riser kits available as these alter the subframe position. Our seats are designed to fit the stock battery cover and subframe.)

Fixings/bolts supplied for easy installation.