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PRE-ORDER EBMX 60v 53ah SurRon Battery Upgrade (October shipment)

PRE-ORDER EBMX 60v 53ah SurRon Battery Upgrade (October shipment)

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MAXIMUM RANGE - 60V 53ah EBMX SurRon Battery

Pre-order now to receive a battery from our October shipment. The Pre-Order deposit is 50% ($1057) of the total battery price ($2114). The remaining 50% ($1057) + shipping/import fees will be due upon battery dispatch to you.

Realistic expected delivery is mid-late October due to global shipping delays and ships waiting to dock for US Customs processing. As always, we will continue to communicate with customers every time we have a progress update. 

Shipping costs are $150 because large lithium ion batteries are difficult to sell and distribute in the USA. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR LOWER 48 CUSTOMERS WE CANNOT SHIP THESE OUTSIDE THE 48 STATES. If you'd like to pay for additional air freight to get your battery sooner, please email us directly to discuss the additional costs:

Product Description: Do you want to nearly double the range of the stock 60V battery using the stock controller in the same space of your stock battery? Or do you want to pair the battery with a BAC4000/BAC8000 for 2-3x the power and/or nearly double the range of your stock bike!?** Well this high powered 60V battery has you covered for both occasions!

  • 160amp continuous power
  • 300amp peak power
  • 15kW Max Tune Output
  • 67.2v Full Charge
  • 48v Empty Charge
  • ~2 Hour Charge time with Fast Charger
  • Compatible with your OEM Surron 60v charger
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • IP65 Water Proof Rating
  • 33lbs


  • If you run a high powered (above 8.5kW) tune with the EBMX 60v battery, you will no longer be able to use your stock battery (even when bypassed) as the battery will not have the ability to supply the power needed and will cut out.
  • Note: Shipping large Lithium Ion Batteries is expensive ($150) and is not included in the price and will be calculated based on your delivery address.
  • If you'd like your battery sooner, a $350 air freight option is available. (FYI, we do not mark this up, you battery will come directly from the manufacturer to you.)


Trying to decide between 60v and 72v?

Both batteries are able to run the most powerful tune available (15kW and 600-800 phase amps). Although the 72v battery is not necessarily more powerful than the 60v battery, the 72v battery will run a little cooler in heavy load conditions (it draws less amps, and amps are what generate the heat). Both batteries are very powerful and capable. Both batteries work with either BAC4000 or BAC8000.

If the intended use is normal trail riding, the 60v is a great option. This is a simple plug-and-play for your stock X controller. Simply drop in the new battery to get maximum range. If paired with a BAC4000, you have the 8.5kw option (that is more than enough power for most riders) but will allow you to switch between the new 60v 53ah battery AND your bypassed oem battery whenever you like. We find this is the sweet spot for increased power and maximum range.

If you are a heavier rider (200lbs+), constantly ride up steep hills at wide-open throttle for long periods of time, or are racing / track use, then the 72v battery is a better option. The 72v 42ah battery MUST be paired with a controller upgrade (the stock X controller is 60v and incompatible with 72v batteries). BAC8000 is better choice for more phase amps, which will give significantly more low down torque when accelerating AND run cooler to prevent possible overheating. Our 72v batteries are capable of handling 15kw tunes when combined with a BAC8000.


Warranty registration and Troubleshooting guide



This pre-order is a commitment to purchase a battery and is non-refundable unless explicitly approved by Charged Cycle Works (refundable as soon as another customer is willing to take your spot).