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Talaria Sting Battery - 72v 42ah - Preorder 50% deposit

Talaria Sting Battery - 72v 42ah - Preorder 50% deposit

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Based off the best-selling EBMX battery for the SurRon, this 72v 42ah Talaria battery will offer extended range with vastly improved power when combined with an upgraded BAC8000 controller. Aftermarket controller is required to run the 72v system.

Our #1 complaint about our Talaria is the battery clunking around on rides. This battery is slightly larger than the OEM, resulting in much less movement. 


Expected release date is October 15th, 2022

This 50% deposit ($1,095) will lock in one of the first batteries to hit the US market.

The remaining 50% ($1,095) is due when the batteries arrive. Total battery price is $2,190 + $100 shipping.


Curious which battery to get?

In our videos, you'll notice Nate always rides 60v batteries with his controller tuned to about 12kw. In all reality he rides mostly in power level 3 of 5.

Brian's bike has the 72v battery with his controller also tuned to 12kw. The 72v system is capable of delivering much higher phase amps (torque), which is ideal for his 185lb body weight.



This pre-order is a commitment to purchase a battery and is non-refundable unless explicitly approved by Charged Cycle Works (refundable as soon as another customer is willing to take your spot).