BAC4000 power kit for SurRon and Segway by Motoclops

Battery Voltage: 60v
Sale price$1,055.00


As we've continued to grow, it's important to offer multiple product options for our customers. We've ridden and tested multiple vendors and loved the latest BAC4000 kit by Motoclops. This kit is very comparable to other vendors in our space who utilize the EggRider mobile app to adjust all parameters.


This is a full kit (everything you need) which includes:

  • ASI BAC4000 (Bluetooth) custom-tuned controller ($663)
  • EggRider display ($109)
  • NTC full coverage mount/heatsink in black ($149)
  • Plug and play harness ($99)
  • Phase wire extension ($25)
  • OEM battery bypass kit ($25)
  • All other required hardware and heat shrink ($25)


  • Adjustable power to suit your needs * (more info below)
  • 18 power levels for on the fly switching (9 for Eco, 9 for Sport)
  • Small EggRider display showing the essentials
  • Regen, phase amps, and field weakening adjustment
  • Motor temperature monitoring and cutoff for high temps
  • Low Charge warning and cut off
  • Adjustable speedometer for varying wheel/sprocket sizes
  • Fully plug and play comes with everything needed
  • Metric/imperial unit switching
  • Works with both 60V and 72V batteries

* Power delivery is very configurable, but we recommend 7-8kw for oem bypassed batteries and 12kw for aftermarket 60v or 72v batteries. This is really the sweet spot for 95% of our customers.

** 15kw is possible with bigger aftermarket batteries but can easily over-power the small Surron chassis and only cause heat issues (remember these small motors can only handle so much power). Furthermore, although 15kw is capable of very high speeds (like riding on the road at 60+mph) we do not recommend punishing the OEM motor for extended periods of time without risk of damaging and/or melting the motor.

*** This kit is designed to work out of the box with your OEM/stock throttle. If you have an aftermarket throttle (like the Domino or Magura), you'll need a remote tuning session from Motoclops (included with purchase).

Heat sink installation instructions

Full instructions