Charged Cycle Works Billet Rear Hub for Surron or Segway

Size: 32H
Color: Black
Sale price$179.00


Charged Cycle Works Surron Hubs - Designed to fit the very best tires to your Surron or Segway

We designed these hubs to not only fit 90/100 tires better, but also make wheel building faster and easier and more flexible.  Our hub is custom designed to fit like an OEM hub, but be stronger, easier to assemble, and better looking!  The CNC Machining process starts with a solid chunk of aluminum which is spun on a lathe and then put on a multi-axis CNC machine to literally cut the hub out of a solid piece.  We then anodize them in multiple colors so that you can build your bike to your own flavor.  

Matched 10g Spokes available here

If you are a wheel builder, check out our 4-Pack Hub discount here.

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  • Available in 32 Hole and 36 Hole for wider rim compatibility
  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Anodized in Black, Blue, Red, and Gold
  • Pre-dished 1/8" away from chain for perfect fit of 90/100 MX tires
  • Spoke holes optimized for 10g spokes (compatible with 12g)
  • High Quality Bearings and Seals included (OEM size)
  • Retains same bolt patterns as OEM hub for brake rotor and sprocket compatibility
  • Laser Etched Logo

Why didn't we make the brake rotor compatible with MTB rotors?

We get this question a lot, and there is a very good reason, we chose to build a hub that will be reliable for many years over building a MTB compatible hub that will leave you stranded on the trail with failed bearings.  The only way to make a rear hub compatible with MTB rotors which have a drastically smaller diameter bolt pattern is to make the bearings and seals smaller, which means they will be weaker and a reduction in reliability of the hub over time.  The bearings used in the rear hub by the OEM have been very reliable.  We do not feel that the same sized bearings used in mountain bike hubs are capable of holding up to the weight and power of the Surron, MTB hub sized bearings were not designed for this much power and weight and we chose to make a hub we are confident in years of reliability rather than leaving you stranded on the trail with failed bearings.