KO Moto RS Motor & Pro Series Controller Combo

Color: Red
Sale price$1,799.00


Direct drop-in replacement motor and controller for the Surron and Segway platforms. Designed from the ground up to give unmatched power and torque. You can now run much higher power levels without the risk of over-heating your motor.

As seen on our GoldMember Bike Build

The stock Surron motor has it's limits and can be prone to overheating when pushing high-powered tunes from aftermarket controllers. If you're a bigger/heavier riders (and/or racer), you've most likely encountered this. KO's RS motor was built to push higher power but keep temps lower. You'll likely never overheat the KO motor, even when pushing 15KW continuous.

Both the motor and controller are designed to be a plug and play option in the Surron and are easy to fit, using the OEM cabling/harness and Surron display unit (eco/sport switch).

  • Peak 35KW Power (Based upon motor rating, your battery will determine the power you can produce). 
  • 7075 Aircraft grade billet machined end caps and sensor cap
  • Stainless steel waterproof phase and sensor wire glands  
  • Internal magnet motor (IPM)
  • Cold Rolled  SAE 1045 Steel rotor Shaft
  • Custom KO designed and patented rotor and heat sink design allows heat soak dissipation on the ends of the stator
  • Max Torque @60v: 52NM
  • Max stable rotor RPM: 12,000
  • Max Efficiency 97%
  • Motor Weight: 22lbs
  • Max Phase Current: 800 amps
  • Max Current: 400 amps
  • IP67 waterproof protection
  • 48-84v working voltage
  • Input Voltage Range- 40v-100v
  • KO patented internals pressure equalization system compatible
  • Cryo Cold Air Injection System 
  • Cryo Rotor/Stator Anti Corrosion Coating 
  • Industry Leading SKF bearing and seals for lowest rolling resistance and efficiency
  • Industry Leading 150°C SH50 Neo Magnets
  • Custom Waterproof designed and manufactured hall sensor with 12 month warranty against water/moisture damage.  

Installing KO app for iPhone or Android

  1. Using your Smart Phone go here
  2. Click on either Android or iPhone image
  3. Follow the instructions from KO