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Congratulations, you received an email from us to purchase an Surr0nU1traBee from our waiting list.  This slot is only available to you and not the general public.  If you are ready to purchase your Surr0nU1traBee please proceed with purchasing it here on our website.  For more details please see the email that was sent to you.

Current Date of Arrival per Surron is: May 2023

$350 shipping (estimated, could vary slightly) will be added to your order once the bikes arrive and are ready to ship. Enter your shipping address when purchasing.

Continental 48 ONLY!

This product page is intentionally kept generic and blank so that people cannot search and find this page and take pre-orders away from those on the waiting list.  If you have questions or concerns please use our website chat to contact us.

*3% cancellation fee