Stage1 Package for Talaria

Color: Magnesium
Sale price$189.00


Stage1 Talaria Package Includes

  • Warp9 Handlebars 
  • ODI Black Grips
  • DirtyBike Aluminum Talaria-specific Foot Pegs (black, red, blue)
  • Gold and Magnesium bars will come with black foot pegs

Stage2 Talaria Package adds a 21" Front Wheel to bring the front end up almost 3" which will give you a lot more traction and confidence while riding!


  • Installation is available at our shop in North Salt Lake City

The Problem

The Talaria has a glaring problem straight out of the box, and that's the "stink bug" stance.  What's a stink bug bike?  It means the rear end is too high and the front end too low.  To make matters worse all the current Talaria have the RST Killah fork which is far too soft and sags and dives under braking and downhill.  It severely lacks confidence while riding aggressively off-road.

RST Fork Setup Advice

  • Turn the blue dial on top to the stiffest setting and then back it off about 1/2 turn
  • Turn the rebound adjuster (bottom) to the stiffest setting and then back it off about 3-5 clicks
  • Adjust from there to tune to your liking