SurRon Segway 20mm Lowering Peg Bracket and Support Brace by NTC

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Color: Black
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Charged Advice Highly recommended for 18/21 bikes that sit higher off the ground and have more clearance for drop pegs.  A sturdy cross member is extremely important with drop pegs due to the increased force exerted on the frame.  Without a braced bracket such as this one by NTC, you are likely to bend your foot peg brackets or even your frame.

Direct replacement SurRon peg brackets 20mm lower than stock geometry.  This setup accommodates longer legs as well as a lower center of gravity. 

  • 5-axis machined from solid 6061 billet aluminum.    
  • Replaces weak stock cast aluminum brackets. 
  • Pair includes matching left and right brackets along with a brace for added strength.  
  • Strong 0.5” bracket thickness will not bend or fail.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.  Quick and easy install.