Surron Ultra Bee Hard Enduro Wheel/Tire Package

18/21" KKE Complete Wheel and Tire combo for Ultra Bee (Style): Black/Blue
Sale price$915.92


After testing multiple tire combinations on our Ultra Bee's from MX to Trials tires, we determined that the ultra-gummy IRC IX-09 Gekkotta's both front and rear are the ideal tire in Hard Enduro applications.  They are very light weight (for their size) and super soft to conform to and grip terrain.  We run a 110/100-18 in the rear and 80/100-21 up front on KKE 18/21 wheelset.

Package includes:

  • KKE Wheelset 18/21
  • IRC IX-09 80/100-21 Front Tire and 110/100-18 Rear Tire
  • Nuetech Nitro Mousse Foam Tube - Plushy front and rear
  • Motion Pro Beadloacks front and rear
  • Tires mounted on wheels