Ultra Bee EBMX 81.4v 73ah Battery, Lid, Charger Bundle

Sale price$4,720.00


If you already own an Ultra Bee, or are thinking about buying one, this bundle is the very best way to upgrade the power on your Ultra Bee.  These batteries come with a two year warranty. 

The Bundle Includes:

  • 81.4v 73Ah (22s) High Power Battery
  • 15A Charger 
  • Custom Molded Lid for Larger Battery (White)

This monster 81.4v 73ah battery is the same you've seen featured in our Ultra Bee race videos. Brian's X-9000 is tuned to 25kw and 800pa. The torque is simply incredible. This battery doesn't just wake up the bike, it's a whole different beast.

X-9000 required (or other aftermarket controllers as they are released)

Specs: 24kw continuous and 48kw peak. 56lbs. 60.5v low voltage cutoff.

*ships to the lower 48 states only.