Take a Guided Surron Tour and Experience the Fun of Electric Motorcycles

From no experience to hard chargers wondering what all the rage is about, we've got an experience just for you!  Charged Cycle Works has teamed up with one of the most well known and experienced off-road guides in the world, DJ Osborne with @MountainSlayerz.  DJ and his crew are famous for crafting personalized tours perfect for your skill level.  You will learn new skills and you will be pushed to become a better rider and leave this experience better than when you started.

If you're thinking about buying a Surron and cannot decide, this is the perfect way to try one out in the real world on world class trails.  By the end of the ride there will be no doubts in your mind if this is a sport for you.  If you've never ridden a motorcycle before there is no better introduction than on a Surron.  No clutch, no scary engine rev, no gears to manage, it's as simple as riding a bicycle!

If you are a veteran motorcycle rider, get ready for a whole new experience on two wheels.  Within minutes you'll be grinning ear to ear like you were a 10 year old on your BMX bike with no cares in the world.  Every hard core motorcyclist we lend our bikes to on the trails comes back with a goofy grin saying "I get it now".

World class terrain in unforgettable Southern Utah deserts near Zion and Bryce National Parks, Moab, and up into Northern Utah high mountain single track, you will be blown away with the sights, terrain, and experience.

Mountain Slayerz is equipped with the latest Surrons from Charged Cycle Works.  

What are you waiting for, book a tour today!

Charge The Trails!

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