Dust Moto Alpha Prototype First Ride and Interview with CEO

On February 2nd 2024 Dust held an event in our home town Salt Lake City, Utah to show their first prototype...The Alpha!  While this is NOT a production bike, it is the first rideable bike for Dust to test all of their design theories in the real world and get feedback from riders about what they like and don't like so that they can make adjustments in future prototypes.  After multiple iterations of prototype bikes and getting rider feedback along the journey, by the time the bike goes into production, it will be a solid and well thought out bike with hundreds of hours of testing and feedback.

Charged Cycle Works was able to procure an indoor arenacross track while Dust was visiting Salt Lake City (in the winter) and we put some laps in on the new bike.  In a nutshell we were both excited and extremely impressed that a first generation prototype could be so well constructed and rideable that Brett had full confidence to send it on every Arenacross jump, even after he was asked NOT TO risk injury on a prototype!

SPECS of the Alpha Prototype (Not Production Specs)

  • POWER: ~25KW
  • BATTERY: 72v 39ah 2.8Kwh (Production Target ~3.5Kwh)
  • MOTOR: QS165  
  • FRONT SUSPENSION: 43mm WP Air Fork 10.5"
  • REAR SUSPENSION: Ohlins 11"
  • WHEELS: 18/21 Michelin Starcross 5 Tires
  • BRAKES: Formula Hand Brakes from KTM Freeride
  • WEIGHT: 220lbs (Production Target 200lbs)

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