How do you measure the performance impact of every upgrade you can make to your Surron?  There is only one answer, put them all on the same track and measure lap times.  Lap times are the ultimate way to measure the total performance of a machine from braking to acceleration, handling, traction, suspension.  Lap times measure it all and give us a way to measure how every single component affects the total performance of the bike.

YouTube Videos:

Equipment Rider Sprocket Front Tire Rear Tire Time Gain
Stage4 + 8.5kw  Pro MX Racer 60t Alum T-35 MX33 44.23 11%
Stage4 + 8.5kw  Nathan 60t Alum T-35 MX33 44.35 11%
Stage4 16/19 (rough track) Nathan

54t Alum

T-35 19" X30 16" 47.26 5%
Honda CRF250f Trail bike Brian 47.28 5%
16/19 Charged Wheelset Nathan 48t Steel K775 Cheater 47.74 4%
18/21 Charged Wheelset Brian 54t Steel T-35 MX33 48.48 2%
OEM Wheelset Brian 48t Steel CST CST 49.10



  • ICE Dirt Bikes are used for reference to see how the Surron compares against them since many people often ask how they compare. 
  • While even a highly modified Surron will never beat a motocross bike (like KTM) on your typical track/trail, there are certain situations such as extreme technical where power doesn't make you faster and the light and agile Surron can actually become "faster" or better than a racing motocross bike.  It all depends on the terrain and skill of the rider.


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