18/21" KKE Complete Wheel and Tire combo for Ultra Bee

Style: Black/Red
Tires: Dunlop MX33/34
Sale price$1,359.00


This is a complete wheel and tire set with the tires mounted to the rims and ready to ride!  Shipping time ~2 weeks.

* Traction control will not work with this wheelset.  If you want Traction Control only Warp9 Wheels come with update traction control rings.

Because the Ultra Bee is ~20% larger than the Light Bee, it is best suited for larger 18/21" wheels and tires (the OEM wheels are similar to the 19" front and rear size as the smaller Light Bee).

The new Ultra Bee is an incredibly competitive electric motorcycle for the price.  BUT, every person who rides it agrees, the Ultra Bee is desperate for a 21" up front.  This is going to be the #1 upgrade for the Ultra and we've worked with KKE to be the first to offer an aftermarket wheelset for the Ultra from the OEM at an affordable price. 

KKE Complete Wheelset Combo Includes:

  • Rear KKE RIM: 2.15" (black)
  • Front KKE RIM: 1.6" (black)
  • KKE Hubs: CNC OEM design in Black, Red, Blue, Gold, or Purple
  • KKE Nipples: Color Matched to Hub
  • KKE Spokes: black
  • 2mm HD Tubes
  • Rim Strips
  • Tires mounted to wheels 

Tires Included in this Package:

*Comparable tire will be substituted if tires are backordered.  The new Dunlop MX34 tires have just been released and will be replacing the MX33.  

 Option Front Tire Rear Tire
Dunlop MX33/34 MX34 80/100-21  MX33/34 100/100-18
Dunlop MX53 Intermediate MX53 80/100-21

MX53 100/100-18

DOT IRC Street Legal* TR-8 3.00x21 TR-8 4.00x18
Enduro Tusk CrossBite
IRC VE33 100/100-18


*DOT Tires are not balanced, if you require them to be perfectly balanced you will need to take them to your local motorcycle shop with a tire balancing machine.