19" OEM Wheelset with Tires for Surron Light Bee Segway

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Tires: Ultra Bee Tires
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Brand new OEM Surron wheelsets available with tires pre-mounted so that you can bolt them on and go without the hassle of installing your own tires.


  • New OEM wheelset
  • New tubes
  • New tires mounted to rims
  • New o-rings for front hub
  • 48t OEM Sprocket

Park:  includes our most popular Shinko 241 2.75x19 tires which are ideal for people who ride both on and off road or hard pack dirt jumping

Off-Road: Mixes our favorite 70/100-19 rear tire the Maxxis Maxxcross with our most popular front tire the Tusk T-35 offering max traction for off-road riding in this size.

Ultra Bee Tires:  For your Surron Light Bee includes brand new take-off tires from the Ultra Bee (impossible to get) mounted to Light Bee Wheels.  Front: 80/100-19 Rear: 90/90-19

OEM: A completely stock Suron wheelset with the stock CST tires all in new condition.

OEM REAR ONLY: Complete rear surron wheel with CST tire in new condition