60v 65ah Long Range Battery Bundle for Talaria Sting - Charged Cycle Works

Sale price$3,678.00


Looking for maximum range out of your Talaria MX3 or MX4/R? Look no further!

Our 60v 65ah battery is rated at 19kw peak and 9.5kw continuous. We use this battery on many of our personal bikes with 12kw tuned controllers and it is an absolute rock star. With massively increased range, you can ride much further and faster than ever before. We have a customer that commutes 50+ miles daily on this battery.

This bundle includes both the 60v 65ah battery AND the required taller battery lid. You won't need to buy anything additional to make this work with your bike.

  • 60volts x 65ah = 3,900 watt hours of power (most OEM Talaria batteries are only 2,280 watt hours)
  • 180amp continuous power and 400amp peak
  • 67v peak and 44v low voltage cutoff
  • 44lbs
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • This battery will work with your OEM controller and motor, as well as, any aftermarket/upgraded controller.

* Although the Sting MX4/R is rated at 8kw and has 2,700 watt hours, this battery can safely double that power when combined with an aftermarket controller like the KO Nano or EBMX X-9000. You'll get more power and significantly longer range than OEM.

2 year manufacturer warranty!

* Improper use of the battery and/or physical damage does not fall under warranty.