BAC8000 Controller / Power Upgrade Kit for Surron by EBMX

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Battery voltage: 60v
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    ASI BAC8000 Controller set up and tuned for your battery (60v or 72v). This is the ultimate power upgrade for your SurRon or Segway. If you are a larger rider (200lbs+), ride/race mx tracks at wide-open throttle for extended periods of time, or ride on the road at 50+ mph for miles at a time, the BAC8000 is for you!

    • Riders who plan to ride at full throttle for extended periods of time with high discharge batteries will benefit from the larger heat sync and the BAC8000's improved capabilities to handle higher stress loads.  
    • 100% customizable using the EBMX app (on the iTunes store. Android coming soon).

    Kit includes everything you need!

    • BAC8000 tuned by EBMX (select 60v or 72v)
    • ASI plug-and-play Harness
    • Custom made cable extensions to better fit the controller on the frame
    • Custom made mounting brackets for the BAC8000.
    • APT display screen


      Add this labor fee to your cart if you would like CCW to install this for you.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Will installing this kit void my warranty?

        Yes, installing this kit will void the warranty on your SurRon Light Bee Battery, if it is still under a warranty period. Please understand this is a powerful upgrade that will fundamentally change the how the bike rides. It will be much faster, more responsive, and much more dynamic than ever before. 

        Should I get the BAC4000 or the BAC8000?

        The BAC4000 works well for the OEM 60v SurRon battery after bypassing the BMS. While this works well for most riders, it's possible to find the limits. If you watch our YouTube videos, Nate rides the BAC4000 with an upgraded 60v battery (although he only weighs 155lbs with riding gear).

        The BAC8000 upgrade is specifically designed for people who plan to invest in a more powerful aftermarket battery. If you come from the moto world, or plan to ride very hard/race, get the BAC8000. It can handle tremendous power without overheating. Brian has this setup on his bike with a 72v battery.

        Can I install this kit myself?

        You can purchase the kit without fitting and installation.

        How much power can I expect to get from this upgrade?

        The 60v option ships with an 8.5kw tune. If you have an aftermarket battery, you have the option to turn it up to 12kw using the EBMX app.

        The 72v option ships with a 15kw tune. Although you can configure the display to have 9 power options, 15kw is a tremendous amount of power. You have the option to turn it down to 12kw using the EBMX app.

        What else can the EBMX app do?

        The EBMX app allows you to control almost anything, including power delivery (kw), torque (phase amps), regen %, and more. Perhaps most importantly, the auto calibration feature will tune your hall sensor angle and throttle. You can download the app on both the Apple and Android Play app stores. The full app guide (along with other helpful resources) is in the EBMX Product Support page below in the footer of our website.

        I do not live near an Surron Mod Shop supplier. Can I do the upgrade myself?

        Although it may be significantly easier for us to do the installation on your Light Bee, you can do the installation yourself. Simply follow the detailed instructions provided in the installation video below. 

        Can I use this with upgraded motors?

        We have both the bac4000 and bac8000 on our KO RS motors and love them.

        Warranty registration and troubleshooting:

        If at all possible please allow Charged Cycle Works located in North Salt Lake, Utah (or other Surron Mod Shops) to do the installation for you.  If you are unable to provide your bike to a SurRon Mod Shop supplier, then you may install it yourself.  Please view the installation video below and ensure you have the proper tools and are confident in your skills prior to ordering.  If you are not confident in installing this yourself then we highly recommend you do not.


        *Neither EBMX Pty Ltd, nor Charged Cycle Works, accepts liability for any DIY Battery bypasses or installations on our range of ASI and SurRon modifications. Although we supply fitting instructions with our kits, we do not recommend that you install the equipment yourself. If you purchase the kit to install yourself, you can contact us if you have a problem and arrange for remote support at a rate of $75 USD per hour. Email us at for more information.