DNM Volcano Fork Tune

Custom-tuned to rider's body weight: 200lbs+
Sale price$478.00


The main weakness inside the DNM is the paper thin shim stack used which quickly fails under the weight of the surron as well us severely under-sprung springs and elastomer.  The shims end up cracking and folding under the pressure allowing too much oil to flow through the valve and that translates to a fork that bottoms out easy and feels very springy or bouncy.  A major impact to the valve failure is the amount of terrain impact felt in your body.  If your hands, wrists, arms, and other body parts feel abused, sore, stiff at the end of your rides, it's very likely your DNM fork internals have failed and it's not doing its job any longer.  THIS IS THE FIX!

Once we have your fork it takes approximately 2 weeks to turn it around.

Upgrades include

  • Our newly developed SurRon-specific spring
  • Thicker shims tuned for the weight of the surron
  • Increased compression valving to control the weight and bumb absorption including hard landings and fast riding
  • Increased rebound valving to control the heavier wheels
  • Upgraded elastomer stack to improve mid-stroke support
  • New low friction fork seals by SKF
  • Fresh fork oil and lubrication of moving parts
  • New o-rings for your front hub
  • Charged Cycle Works Fork Guard Stickers (Gold, Red, Blue, or Green)


Setting Your Expectations

This is not going to make your DNM perform as good as a Dorado, DVO or other high-end fork.  However, we have ridden this tune and it is dramatically better than how the DNM came from the factory brand new, and worlds better than your DNM that has been ridden and the valve shim stack has been damaged as a result.  This is a great upgrade for someone who is relatively happy with their DNM fork and wants to make a noticeable improvement at a modest price.  If you want high end $1200+ performance then this tune service is probably not for you.


"They definitely make the hits on my hands more tolerable and feel more compliant over the rocks. I’m running zero preload on the left and only 50 psi on the right resulting in a little more than 2” of sag with me onboard. Rebound adjustment is responsive and controllable." - Mark

“Got my upgraded forks a month or so back (before they came out with the upgraded spring). Had to wait for better riding weather. I was honestly thinking that I hope these guys are legit and it does what they say - no offense guys.

Well, finally got out on the trails 2 weeks ago with my buddy on his stock DNM bike. It took literally less than a minute on our woods track to feel the difference. I couldn’t believe it. We stopped and switched bikes and he was floored. Road the rest of the day and had significantly less fatigue and wrist pain. Bike handles way better over high speed chatter and I’m riding faster with less effort.

Needless to say, I already sent out the forks on our 2nd bike (my backup / son’s bike when he’s around) for the complete rebuild with the new spring. Looking forward to an even more improved ride!” - Dave

The dnm tune feels really good. You guys and suspension syndicate have that thing dialed. I haven’t ridden another bike with a better feeling fork set up than mine - Kody