Dorado Comp Coil Spring

Dorado Comp Coil Spring

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Optional Springs for Dorado Comp 

The Dorado Comp comes stock with the Medium Coil Spring (blue). Use the tuning chart below to determine the correct spring rating for your body weight, bike, and riding style. 

NOTE: Charged Cycle Works has modified this weight chart to include the extra weight of the surron so all you have to do is use the first column of your body weight (including gear) to select the correct spring rate.  NOTE riders over 200lbs with gear should not purchase this fork (Sorry Brian), you are better off with an air fork which can ramp up to higher weight support as there is no spring option available for your weight. 

Weight (lbs) Rate  Stripe Color
>185 XX-Firm  Black
52 [9.3]
160-184 X-Firm  Yellow
45 [8.0]
134-159 Firm  Red
40 [7.1]
110-133 Medium  Blue
35 [6.2]