Dunlop K990 90/100-18 for Surron Segway

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Charged Advice

The K990 is THE LIGHTEST 18" TIRE you can put on your Surron.  The 90/100-18 size fits the swingarm perfectly without any modifications.  We do not recommend any tires size larger than 90/100-18 or 3.5x18, if you buy a tire larger than this you must make modifications including cutting knobs off to make it fit, and you'll be highly disappointed with the massive weight of a larger tire as well as not being able to make right turns after you cut your knobs off.  Charged Cycle Works only sells tires that we have personally tested to fit your surron perfectly!

  • 90/100x18 Requires Rear Wheel Upgrade
  • The K990 and MX33 in 90/100-18 are the ONLY motocross 18" tires that fit inside the swingarm of the Surron without cutting knobs off.
  • Check out how light weight these tires are on in our weight charts
  • 100/100-18 and 100/90-19 tires DO NOT FIT SURRON and they weigh a miserable 12 POUNDS, they are a terrible solution for surron and as a result we do not sell these sizes with our wheelsets.  By contrast these tires only weight 9 lbs and the K990 weighs 8.5lbs!