Hayes Dominion A4 4-piston brakes

Style: Bronze Front
Sale price$345.00


Charged Advice

4-piston brakes provide the stopping power and modulation we love.  One of our favorite things about the Dominion A4 is that the levers are universal and can be swapped left or right making it a snap to setup your bike as MTB or Moto without swapping brake hoses.

There are plenty of brakes on the market with outright stopping power, but the key to providing confident braking is making sure plenty of modulation and feel is built-in so it isn't so much of a light switch, on, off experience. Starting at the tool-free reach adjustable lever, Hayes employs cartridge bearings at the pivots to reduce drag and provide stiff points of contact so you get a positive lever feel with zero slop. The Dominion’s master cylinder is designed with an extremely short dead stroke and with its revised cam profile when the pads contact the rotor, it comes with a crisp bite point. Joining the master cylinder to the rest of the system is a flex-free hose and high-performance DOT 5.1 brake fluid.

Moving down to the caliper, it features cold-forged construction and is engineered to be as rigid as possible and utilizes four pistons to move the pads, again contributing to that excellent power and modulation. Even the KingPin pad retention bolt is designed as a structural member to help increase stiffness. Also at the caliper are our two favorite "why hasn't anybody else thought of this" features of this brake. The first is its Two-Stroke dual port bleed system on either side of the caliper. With two bleed ports, it ensures better bleeds and improves the ability to evacuate air making sure spongy brakes are a thing of the past. The other feature is its Crosshair Caliper Alignment System which uses caliper alignment screws that allow for quick and easy alignment with no rotor rub or frustration.

  • Hayes answer for increased power and modulation in a brake
  • Stiff 4-piston caliper improves power
  • Better modulation allows for precision on technical trails
  • Dual caliper bleed ports ensure air-free bleeds
  • Revised lever pivots, piston, and stroke give a positive feel
  • Crosshair caliper adjustment makes for easy setup and adjustments
  • Package with pre-bled lever/caliper/hose assembly
  • Flex-free hose and DOT 5.1 fluid provide high-performance