Mitas Stoneater 20 On / 80 Off Tire 90/90-21

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The Mitas 90/90-21 C-17 DAKAR is an agressive 20 on / 80 off-road tire designed for street legal dirt bikes. This tire excels in gravel and rocky terrain yet maintians reasonable traction on paved surfaces. Reinforced knobs help vastly with heavy loads and agressive riding styles.

Load/Speed rated to 54R.

The Dakar version features a stronger carcass and higher puncture resistance. They are suitable for higher loads, longer adventure trips and extreme conditions.

  • Rim: 21"
  • Width: 90/90
  • Tread Pattern: C-17 STONEATER
  • Load/Speed: 54R
  • Position: Front
  • Mud+Snow: Yes
  • DAKAR: Yes
  • Stripe Color: Yellow
  • Tube Type: Tube
  • Weight: 8.09 LBS