Renthal FatBar MX Handlebar 28.6mm

Color: Black
Size: 3.6 Honda Kawi 839
Sale price$158.00


These are designed for motocross bikes and twist throttle, superior to the 31.8 MTB bars usually found on Surron which are not designed for twist throttles (bend is too straight) and also created to be light and sacrifice the strength needed for heavier motorcycles. They are also available in sizes greater than 3" where MTB bars max out.  

31.8 to 28.6mm shims are included to adapt these bars to your existing Surron stem, or you can purchase a direct mount MX Stem here with 2.5" rise.


    Toss your stock bars and treat yourself to the superior comfort and strength of the Renthal 1 1/8 inch FatBar. With a tapered design that moves from a 1 1/8 inch clamping area down to 7/8 inch bar ends, the FatBar opens up your control area by eliminating the cross brace and keeping both strength and flexibility.

    Choose one of Renthal’s several available bend patterns, and you’ll get options that fit your riding style and body positioning. But Renthal has thrown in even more features. Features like the shot-peened anodized finish that repels corrosion, a laser etched positioning grad for easy reference, and the included FatBar pad so you don’t have to spend any more money. Get it all when you pick up a set of Renthal 1 1/8" FatBars.

    • Features 1 1/8th clamp area that is similar to the Answer Pro-Taper handlebars
    • 5mm wall thickness at the bends adds additional strength
    • Shot peened anodized corrosion resistant finish
    • Tapered wall construction to 7/8" (22.2mm) allows fitment of standard grips and controls
    • Brace less design
    • 7010 T6 Aluminum. Renthal has exclusive rights to this specifically developed alloy, for the manufacture of handlebars
    • Knurled grip area increases bonding between bars and grips
    • Laser etched positioning grid

    Renthal 1 1/8" FatBar Sizing Chart

    Bend Width Height Pull Back
    CR High Bend 31.29" 3.74" 2.44"
    Honda CRF 2019 Bend 31.57" 3.58" 2.01"
    KTM High Bend 31.70" 3.74" 1.65"
    KTM Low Bend 31.73" 3.31" 1.61"
    Ricky Carmichael Bend 31.57" 3.89 2.12"
    Ricky Carmichael High Bend 31.57" 4.49" 2.13"