Ultra Bee OEM Wheels and Tires

Style: OEM CST
Sale price$552.00



These are the stock OEM wheels and tires that come on the Ultra Bee.  Great for replacing a damaged wheel or having a 2nd set available.  Brake rotors and sprocket not included.


Looking for a street tire setup to rally the pavement on your Surron Ultra Bee?  These are OEM Ultra Bee 19/19 wheels with Street Tires mounted to them and include the traction control rings.  Add a set of brake rotors, rotor boltssprocket and sprocket bolts for two complete wheelsets to easily change back and forth between street and dirt.

Tires come mounted on wheels ready to ride.  You'll need to install brake rotors and sprocket.  If you change to a different sprocket size you will have to buy a chain compatible with your sprocket.

  • OEM Ultra Bee Wheels
  • 100/90-19 Shinko SR777 Tires
  • Tire installation included
  • Traction Control Rings Included