Tusk Recon Sticky Rear 16" Tire for Surron Segway

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Tusk Recon Hybrid "Sticky" Tire

Tusk has done it again!  They are offering one of the best tires for the Surron at an affordable price point!  Sticky tires are AMAZING on surron for hard core off-road riders.  Not only does the ultra-soft rubber compound stick to roots and rocks better than other tires, but the carcass is much softer and conforms to the terrain giving you much more surface contact creating additional traction.  This and the Shinko 525 are two of our favorite rear tires for the Surron and why WE LOVE THE 16" REAR so much!
Matching Front available here


The Tusk Recon Hybrid® rear tire combines the benefits of a soft, sticky trials tire with an off-road/motocross tire for optimal performance for single track and technical enduro use. The soft, gummy rubber compound on the rear tire hooks up and conforms to rocks and roots like a trials tire, but has a motocross inspired tread design to perform better in mud, sand, and aggressive cornering and braking. Another Hybrid feature is in the carcass; it is much softer than a standard off-road/motocross tire, but handles better than a trials tire to offer ideal impact absorption, traction, and protection through gnarly, technical terrain. The front has a stiffer rubber compound to ensure a strong bite in corners, but has a "Fat" oversized shape to absorb rocks and roots. The Recon hybrid® tires instill confidence in even the most technical conditions.


  • 90/100-16 - the perfect size for surron
  • High-performance off-road Hybrid tire designed for technical single track and extreme enduro riding.
  • Tube type tire.
  • Developed for technical off-road use, but has a motocross inspired tread design to perform well in faster, more aggressive cornering and braking.
  • For maximum off-road performance, the Recon is not DOT compliant.