Ultra Bee 72v 76ah Battery + lid + charger Bundle - Charged Cycle Works

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Looking for a powerful battery with more range that fits your Surron Ultra Bee?

This battery works perfectly with your OEM controller and maintains full OEM functionality. If you want to add an X-9000 for additional power, you can easily double the power of your stock Ultra Bee.

*requires a 1" taller lid (black) and a new 72v charger (your OEM 72v charger can only be paired with your OEM battery). The taller lid and new 72v fast charger are both included in this bundle. You will not need anything additional.

Our 72v 76ah battery is rated at 42kw peak and 22kw continuous.

  • 72volts x 76ah = 5,472 watt hours of power
  • 52lbs
  • 55v low voltage cutoff

2 year manufacturer warranty!

This is the battery Nate has on his personal Ultra Bee. We recently tested it for range and got an astonishing 49.5 miles on a real mountain ride alongside 5 other gas dirt bikes. This wasn't just another dirt road test in Eco mode, this was a real ride at dirt bikes speeds on 18/21" wheels with 8,200ft elevation gain (ridden primarily in D with several S stints in the tough climbs).

If these are out of stock but you are ready to purchase now, use our website chat or call us (801) 449-1050 and we will take your order. The lead time for custom orders is 3-4 weeks.

When you receive your battery, use the eWatt app to monitor performance. You can download it off the Apple App Store.

Use this link for a quick reference guide.