How to change a tire on Surron, Segway, eMoto, or other off road motorcycle

When it comes to changing tires on motorcycles it is 100% about technique and tools.  If you've attempted this in the past and it was a miserable experience this video is for you to learn the technique behind it.  If you are a total beginner and you've never changed a motorcycle tire before this video is for you.  If you've changed tires before, you might learn something new from us to add to your technique.

With simple and inexpensive tools you can save yourself the time and expensive cost of taking your wheels to a motorcycle dealer to have them changed.  In this video you'll see the tools we use and the techniques to mount tires without breaking a sweat, cussing, and throwing tools.  We've learned through years of experience and let us pass this knowledge onto you!

Need help choosing the best tire, check out our tire size and weight charts.

Tools Seen In This Video:

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