Heavy Duty 2mm Tube for all eMX eMoto Bikes

Size: 90/100-16
Sale price$11.99


Charged Advice

2.0mm Tubes are ideal for the Surron, Segway, Talaria, Torrot, Freeride, and other eMX bikes.

OEM size on Surron, Segway, and Talaria is 2.50-2.75x19 or 70/100-19


The Heavy Duty 2mm Motorcycle Tube is the perfect replacement for your leaky or punctured tube. This tube is thicker than the stock 1-1.3mm tube found in most bikes. Made from high grade synthetic and natural rubber, this tube maintains strength and durability while being lightweight. The TR-4 valve stem is centered in the middle of the tube.
  • Replacement 2mm Motorcycle Tube is perfect to replace leaky or punctured tubes.
  • Better materials and added thickness make this a heavier duty option to standard tubes.
  • Made from high quality rubber for a long lasting life.
  • Great upgrade from your OEM tube and a great spare option.
  • TR-4 valve stem.