Adjustable Surron Footpeg Mounts with Cross Bar Brace by Warp 9

Sale price$263.00


Warp9 removed a major weak point when they redesigned these footpeg brackets.  The OEM uses a tiny little pin to align the bracket.  When riding in rocks it's easy to hit a rock with your footpeg and break this pin and the footpeg is now free to rotate 360 degrees making the rest of your ride very tricky.  Eliminate this weak point and have the flexibility to dial in your ideal peg height.
  • Fine Tune your footpeg height for the ultimate comfort and control
  • Adjustable 1” up or 1” down from stock height
  • Main body is machined from 7075 T6 billet Aluminum
  • Footpeg bracket is machined from high grade Chromoly steel.
  • Perfectly machined interlocking teeth for a no slop, no slip adjustable system
  • Includes a cross bar brace with side mount tapered stainless bolts
  • Works with OEM, Warp 9 and other foot pegs designed for the Surron
  • This is the Surron version. If you want Talaria, find them here