Custom Tune Service for YOUR FastAce Fork - Surron LBX or Talaria or E Ride

Custom-tuned to rider's body weight: Plush Tune <200lbs
Sale price$502.00


The FastAce is a great platform for tuning, it offers motorcycle strength internal components that are perfect for your Surron or Talaria.  These forks came from the factory with 38 lb-in  springs and valving meant for an eBike (not a eMotorcycle).  Although these forks are pretty good for slower and lighter people, they may be soft for faster and/or heavier riders.  As part of this tune service, you will ship us your existing forks and we will disassemble your fork and re-tune the damper shim stack, install new HD Springs in either 50 lb-in, 60 lb-in, or 65lb-in depending on your weight, new SKF seals, and lube and oil.  

Once we receive your fork, please allow approximately 2 weeks to complete the custom tune prior to shipping the fork back.

Tune Options

Plush Tune - This tune uses a 50lb spring and is for those who are light weight or even riders approaching 200 that prefer a plush over firm feeling fork to absorb as much terrain impact as possible. If your fork already has a 50lb OEM spring, we will simply reuse it.

Aggressive Tune - This tune uses a 60lb spring and is for those who ride aggressive or hit large jumps and are under 200lbs.  This is the tune that @brettb35 runs on his bike. If your fork already has a 60lb OEM spring, we will simply reuse it.

Heavy Tune - This is for all you bigger riders. We install our heavy 65lb spring + heavy-tuned valving + heavier 7.5wt suspension fluid to keep you in control.

Upgrades include

  • Our newly developed SurRon-specific spring
  • 50 lb-in or 65 lb-in spring (based on your weight)
  • Valve shim stack custom tuned for the weight of the surron
  • Increased compression valving to control the weight and bump absorption including hard landings and fast riding
  • Increased rebound valving to control the heavier wheels 
  • New low friction fork seals by SKF
  • Fresh fork oil and lubrication of moving parts
  • New o-rings for your front hub
  • Charged Cycle Works Fork Guard Stickers (Gold, Red, Blue, or Green)

**This tune service does not include a fork, you will ship your fork to us, we will tune it and ship it back**

* If your fork is excessively dirty, an $8 cleaning fee could be applied. Please do a basic job of cleaning/wiping down your fork before shipping it to us. If internal parts are heavily used and need replaced, it could be $20-30 more for the replacement parts. In this situation, we’ll reach out to discuss and before completing your fork.

Once purchased, send your fork tubes to:

Charged Cycle Works
Attention: Order # (your order number here)
259 River Bend Way
Suite 200
North Salt Lake, Utah 84054