FastAce Custom Tune Service for YOUR existing fork - Surron Talaria

Custom-tuned to rider's body weight: Plush Tune <200lbs
Sale price$497.00


The FastAce is a great platform for tuning, it offers motorcycle strength internal components that are perfect for your Surron or Talaria.  These forks came from the factory with 38 lb-in  springs and valving meant for an eBike (not a eMotorcycle).  Although these forks are pretty good for slower and lighter people, they are still soft for faster and heavier riders.  In our tune service we will disassemble your fork and re-tune the damper shim stack, install new HD Springs in either 50 lb-in or 65lb-in depending on your weight, new SKF seals, and lube and oil.  

Once we have your fork it takes approximately 2 weeks to turn it around.

Tune Options

Plush Tune - This tune uses our custom 50lb spring and is for those who are light weight or even riders approaching 200 that prefer plush over firm feeling fork to absorb as much terrain impact as possible.  

Aggressive Tune - This tune uses our 

custom 60lb spring and is for those who ride aggressive or hit large jumps and under 200lbs.  This is the tune that @brettb35 runs on his bike.

Heavy Tune - This is for all you plus sized riders who need not only a heavy 65lb spring but also heavy valving.  We stiffen the internal valving on this tune and use a heavier 7.5wt suspension fluid to keep you in control

Upgrades include

  • Our newly developed SurRon-specific spring
  • 50 lb-in or 65 lb-in spring (based on your weight)
  • Valve shim stack custom tuned for the weight of the surron
  • Increased compression valving to control the weight and bumb absorption including hard landings and fast riding
  • Increased rebound valving to control the heavier wheels 
  • New low friction fork seals by SKF
  • Fresh fork oil and lubrication of moving parts
  • New o-rings for your front hub
  • Charged Cycle Works Fork Guard Stickers (Gold, Red, Blue, or Green)

**This tune service does not include a fork, you will ship your fork to us, we will tune it and ship it back**