IRC WF-920 Street Tire 3.00x19 for Surron Talaria

Sale price$147.00


This is one of the few road tires that can fit onto Surron and Talaria OEM rims and doesn't weigh 15 pounds!  These are about double the weight of a stock CST tire on LBX but they are much stronger and will wear much longer on the roar.

Fitment on OEM Rims:

  • These were made for a wider street bike rim, however they can also fit the narrow rims found on Surron and Talaria.
  • Be sure to order a larger 3.00x19 tube for these tires here.
  • Be sure to measure your fork inner width and ensure a 3.3" wide tire will fit on your bike before ordering.


  • Sportbike like stability, maneuverability and adhesion on both wet and dry road surfaces
  • Added reinforcement at the sidewall/tire bead junction prevents torsional flex under heavy load when cornering
  • Provides excellent feedback to the rider
  • Tubeless design but also works with tubes