KO Moto Rush Series Controller

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Bike: Surron/Segway
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Direct drop-in replacement controller for the Surron/Segway OR Talaria platforms. Designed from the ground up to give unmatched power and torque.

You have complete control of this Controller. Every 500 RPM allows you to change the power level and tune it to the exact delivery specifications you desire. 

OEM Sport and ECO functions are still operational allowing unique features like setting ECO to be dialed in for tight technical sections and Sport set for wide open for fast flowy sections of the trail.

This is the most unique feature. No more switching between multiple power levels and multiple clicks to get to an ideal power level that saves battery during different sections of terrain.

This Controller is designed to be a plug and play option that's easy to fit using the stock cabling and OEM Surron/Talaria display unit. Gone is the need to upgrade your display unit and run extra cabling across your bike. 

Rated up to 600 amps line current, 1800 phase amps at 100v peak input this controller is capable of an astounding 60KW!!!

KO Moto has been able to achieve this level of unmatched performance by redeveloping a completely custom PCB and sourced imported capacitors, as well as increasing their count in the system. The case has been redesigned with a custom heat sync for improved thermal performance while maintaining our IP67 ingress rating. For styling, we have decided the controllers will be anodized. 

  • Peak 60KW Power (Your battery will determine the power you can produce, and different motors will not be able to handle Max Power)
  • Input Voltage range of 40v-100v
  • Working Voltage of 48v-100V
  • Max Phase Current 1800A
  • Max Line Current 600A
  • IP67 Ingress Protection
  • Dynamic tuning capabilities allow hundreds of tunes for the end user, easily modified to your exact liking via Bluetooth or direct cable options. 

Installing KO app for iPhone or Android

  1. Using your Smart Phone go here
  2. Click on either Android or iPhone image
  3. Follow the instructions from KO