Linkage Titanium Bolt Kit for Surron Light Bee

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Is your linkage loose with too much free play in it? 

This is the highest quality bolt kit available for your linkage and might be what you need to remove that excess play.  The OEM surron bolts seem to have variance in sizes, some people have no play in their linkage, and others have a lot of play.  Plus who doesn't love burnt titanium bits on their bike!


  • Surron Titanium rear linkage bolt kit
  • Fully shanked bolts mean no more threaded section cutting into your frame or swingarm
  • Triangle Pivot bolt is now a one-piece design with a large flanged face to act as a shield
  • The one-piece pivot bolt gets rid of the OEM mixture of loose bushings, plastic washers and undersized bolts
  • 4 Neoprene washers go between the pivot bolt flange and triangle to frame to help protect the needle cage bearing from dirt and water
  • 13mm Fuji lock nuts
    • same size as stock vs some 12mm, so OEM tool kit and warp 9 tire levers work, making belt removal simple
  • Blue thread lock included to keep it all tight