Motorex Hypoid Gear Oil 80W-90 for KTM Freeride or Talaria

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Motorex Hypoid Gear Oil 80W90 is a API GL-5 Gear Oil is designed to increase resistance to breakdown under high temperature and the mechanical pressure produced by hypoid gear boxes and universal joints.

  • Designed for extreme-pressure motorcycle applications.
  • Extreme all temperature high-load capacity.
  • High levels of wear protection.
  • Smooth gear meshing.
  • API GL-5 Gear Oil.

Talaria Gearbox Maintenance Instructions

  • GL-5 85W-90W Oil Specification
  • 120-150ml
  • First Oil Change at 300km or 186 Miles
  • Regular Oil Changes every 1000km or 621 Miles

KTM Freeride Gearbox Maintenance Instructions

  • GL-5 80W/90 Oil Specification
  • 0.2 qt
  • Regular Oil Changes every 50 Hours