ODI Podium MX Handlebars 28.6mm

Color: Black
Size: FMX 4.76"
Sale price$125.00


1 1/8" Motocross bars for the ultimate in strength and reliability!  These bars are significantly stronger than MTB handlebars and they fit the Motocross handguards better.  You might also notice the slightly more sweeping bend is more comfortable with twist throttles vs many MTB bar bends.  If you like a straight bend (like MTB) then go for the KTM bend.

Required  For Fitment:

31.8 to 28.6mm shims are required to adapt these bars to your existing Surron/Segway/Talaria stem, or you can purchase a direct mount MX Stem here with 2.5" rise.


    The Podium Flight MX Handlebars are the latest in the development of ODI’s MX handlebar technology. With their own tubing profile and design ODI has created a non-braced handlebar that has already proven worthy of race wins. The Podium Flight bar is constructed of a 2014-T6 alloy to provide added strength. Focusing more on racers and those riders looking for the perfect balance between strength and style, the Podium Flight has been vigorously tested by top supercross and motocross racers.
    • 1 1/8" clam diameter (requires "oversized" triple clamps or bar mounts).
    • Stealth 2-Toned graphics.
    • Knurled left slide helps with grip bar adhesion.
    • Constructed of 2014-T6 alloy for added strength.
    • Includes high density foam bar pad.

    Odi Podium Flight Handlebars Sizing Chart

    Bend Width Height Pull Back
    FMX Bend 31.50" 4.76" 2.17"
    RC High Bend 31.69" 4.72" 2.13"
    Honda/Kawasaki 31.69" 3.90" 2.13"
    KTM OE 31.69" 3.74" 1.65"
    Champ Bend 31.69" 3.66" 2.17"
    YZ Bend 31.69"
    3.54" 2.05"
    McGrath Bend 31.69" 3.27" 2.17"
    Schoolboy Bend 30.67" 3.46" 1.97"
    Super Mini Bend 30.31" 4.65" 1.65"