SKF Fork Seals for Stark Varg

Material: Low Friction
Sale price$56.00


With years of experience and seasons of performance, SKF has created their Fork and Dust Seal Kit that eliminates sticking and reduces friction while still keeping your forks clean and sealed. These seals accomplish this thanks to their construction from SKF’s proprietary, self-lubricating compound that retains oil while displacing debris and contaminants. With this compound and SKF’s experience you’ll get a solid set of seals to give your suspension plenty of long-lasting performance.

Dual Compound

Totally NEW DUAL COMPOUND: Innovative co-molding production technology which is patent pending by SKF. The rubber compounds are new and different from our previous aftermarket green seals. New metal insert and totally re-designed scraping and oil sealing lips. Open wound DS spring: this is not just a stretched std. spring but a dedicated fork seal spring with open winding. Benefits: constant force over time with no accumulation of debris between coils. Improved followability capability of the seals to conform to fork tube deflection. Will not dislodge during pressure washing


  • For one fork leg, two are required to do both legs
  • Replaces dust seals and oil seals on both forks
  • Seals oil in forks
  • Keeps dust and dirt away from fork internals
  • Made from proprietary self-lubricating compound
  • Reduced friction and stick-slip