Tow Strap

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Tow straps are essential for getting your bike out of the back country when your battery dies or you have some kind of bike failure.  Flag down your buddy, hook this tow strap from footpeg to footpeg (don't hook to handlebars) and off you go.  Sure beat pushing your bike back!


    The Tusk Motorcycle Tow Strap is a must for trail riders. This compact motorcycle tow strap is lightweight yet very strong. The 1" nylon webbing is rated at 1500 lbs. and provides a slight amount of stretch to make towing easier. The tow strap comes complete with a convenient nylon carrying pouch that easily attaches to your belt or fanny pack.
  • Compact, lightweight tow strap perfect for off-road motorcycle use.
  • Super strong, 1"x 12' nylon webbing rated at 1500lbs.
  • Includes a convenient nylon carry pouch measuring only 6" L x 2" W x 1" D.
  • Carry pouch features a belt loop for easy attachment to a belt or fanny pack.