Ultra Bee 80v 76ah Battery + lid + charger Bundle - eWatt

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Looking for a powerful battery with more range that fits your Surron Ultra Bee?

This battery will technically work on your OEM controller but may burn it up eventually. For that reason, we don't recommend it. Instead, get an X-9000 for massively increased power, easily doubling (almost tripling) the power of your stock Ultra Bee.

*requires a 1" taller lid (black carbon fiber look) and a new 80v charger. The taller lid and new 80v fast charger are both included in this bundle. You will not need anything additional.

Our 80v 76ah battery is rated at 48kw peak and 24kw continuous.

  • 80volts x 76ah = 6,080 watt hours of power
  • 56lbs
  • 60.5v low voltage cutoff

2 year manufacturer warranty!

This is the battery Brian has on his personal Ultra Bee. We've been racing this bike against gas bikes in our Utah-based GP off-road/MX series and it can hole shot the gate drop against 450's. We have our X-9000 controller tuned to a conservative 20kw and 800pa in power mode 1. Anything more and you'll need a XUB-80 EBMX motor to avoid overheating.

When you receive your battery, use the eWatt app to monitor performance. You can download it off the Apple App Store.

Use this link for a quick reference guide.

Detailed info for running our 80v battery on your OEM Controller.