2024 KKE Front Suspension Fork for Surron Light Bee/Talaria Sting/E-Ride Pro

Sale price$975.00


Newly revised for 2024, these upgraded KKE forks are much stronger, have superior rigidity (less flex), and provide much better feel over the OEM for that comes on Surron Light Bee's.

Almost every part has been revised and the results are quite impressive (especially for the price!). Where the OEM black forks feel like a mtn bike fork, these feel like they were truly built for the Surron and Talaria's weight + adult rider.


  • 210mm Travel (slightly more travel)
  • Strong tapered upper outer tubes made of 7050 Aluminum (less flex)
  • NOK oil seals and dust seal made in Japan (no more leaks!)
  • Taiwan-sourced Fork Tube (superior materials)
  • Compression Adjustment (very adjustable)
  • Anti-bottom out hydraulic damper (impressive dampening)
  • Spring - 55Ibs (OEM black forks have 40lb springs)



  • Surron Light Bee
  • Talaria Sting MX3/MX4/R
  • E-Ride Pro



  • Dark Gold (orangish) similar to Fox Kashima coating