Warp 9 primary Chain Drive kit for Surron Light Bee

Sale price$125.00


FINALLY a Chain Drive that we are excited about! 

CCW has never been a fan of chain drives due to the excess noise and frankly they are not necessary unless you have big power upgrades or ride in mud.  This is a game changer and we can now get on board with the chain gang!

Tired of breaking belts but don't want a noisy chain drive?  Warp9 just created the first "quiet" chain drive for your Surron Light Bee!

Both the Motor and the jackshaft sprockets have Rubber Dampener rings Vulcanized to the sprockets to reduce noise.  This design makes the inner plates of the Chain contact the rubber outer rings before the chains rollers fully seat in the bottom of the sprocket.

The rubber rings also have a secondary effect of dampening the ringing effect of steel sprockets.

  • Includes 2 dampened sprockets in EDM coated black steel
  • Final drive ratio is the same as OEM belt drive
  • Includes a KMC 420 O ring chain ( 42 links with master clip)
  • While louder than a belt drive this kit is 10-15 decibels quieter than other aftermarket 420 chain drive kits on the market.