Warp 9 Aluminum Sprocket for Surron Talaria E Ride Pro

Size: 40 Tooth
Sale price$59.00


 Charged Advice

Sprocket size is a personal preference and can vary a lot depending on your wheel setup and terrain you ride.  Here is some guidance to help you make a good choice for yourself.  A larger sprocket will give you more "power" in the form of torque which is great for slower and more technical terrain.  You will loose some top end speed with larger sprockets.  You'll want to balance this tradeoff with your personal preferences.

  • 42t Max Top Speed pavement or easy terrain
  • 48t OEM great for average terrain with higher speeds and solid surfaces
  • 52t/54t is a favorite with our 16/19 setup and also good for OEM 19" where terrain is slower and more technical.  
  • 58t/60t is ideal 18/21 wheels, or extreme technical terrain with 16 or 19 wheels 
  • 64t recommended for 18/21 wheels and technical terrain


  • 7075-T6 Aluminum reduces weight and rotational mass translating into more power and range.
  • Anodized Black

NOTE: When you install a larger sprocket YOU MUST LENGTHEN YOUR CHAIN!  We sell new chains by Primary Drive and Renthal cut to length for your sprocket.

     Sprocket Teeth Surron Chain Talaria Chain
    42t 104 106
    48t 106 (OEM Length) 108
    52t 108 110
    54t 110 112
    56t 112 114
    58t 112 114
    60t 114 116
    64t 116 118