Warp 9 Axle Blocks for Talaria Sting

Sale price$87.00


Much of the OEM hardware on the Talaria leaves a lot to be desired. Poor quality all too often = stripped bolts. These rear axle adjust blocks solve one of those shortcomings and allows you to perfect your chain tension.
  • Titanium captive adjustment bolts ( 10mm )
  • Steel axle bolt backing plate is cut to insert into the axle which means you never have to carry an Allen wrench again to remove your axle. All you need is a 17mm wrench
  • Captive adjustment bolt design means when you turn the bolt the axle blocks move forwards and backwards keeping the block tight to the adjustment bolt so there is no play between bolt and the blocks and allows for very precise adjustments
  • One block stays in place and will not fall out when you remove the axle
  • Works with OEM Sting axle and Warp 9 Sting Titanium

(axle is not included)