WE LOVE TESTING!!  Our goal is to test as much as possible and show real results with numbers we can publish to HELP YOU make informed decisions for your upgrades.  Acceleration is a great way to understand how components you add to your bike affect the power (and range).  But, acceleration is not everything, you must balance range, traction, and handling as well to have a well rounded bike.  Be sure to bookmark this page and come back, we will be adding more!!

    2023 Acceleration Tests

     Bike Configuration 1/8 Mile Top Speed
    KTM Freeride Stock 50 mph
    Surron Ultra Bee Stock 56 mph 
    Talaria MX4 Stock 12.31 50 mph
    Surron 40ah Stock 13.14 43 mph
    Surron 38ah Stock 13.16 43 mph
    Talaria MX3 Stock 14.03 41 mph


    YouTube Acceleration Tests

    • Talaria MX4 vs MX3 vs Surron Video
    • 2023 Surron Light Bee vs Talaria MX3 Video
    • BAC4000 72v vs 60v Video
    • KTM Freeride Video
    • Armstrong XR-E Video
    • Talaria Sting Video
    • Sprocket Comparison acceleration Video
    • 16/19 vs 18/21 vs OEM tires acceleration video

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    2020-2022 Acceleration Tests

    Bike Configuration Time Difference Top Speed
    KTM Freeride KTM Freeride 18kw 100% stock 5.3 24.1% 50
    Armstrong XR-E 15kw 650pa tune without field weakening 5.4 22.3% 64.7
    Surron 72v BAC4000 12kw, 48t Steel 5.63 19.3%
    60v BAC4000 12kw, 48t Steel 5.67 18.8%
    60v BAC4000 8.5kw Bypassed Battery, 48t Steel 6.15 11.9%
    16/19, 54t Alum, non-o-ring chain 6.88 1.5%
    Talaria Talaria, 54t Alumnon-o-ring chain 6.91 1.0%
    18/21, 60t Alum, non-o-ring chain 6.98 0%
    Stock Surron BENCHMARK 6.98
    Stock Talaria  6.99 Tie
    Shinko 19" SR241 Tire Rear, 48t steel 7.06 -1.2%
    Kenda 19" TrackMaster Tire Rear, 48t steel 7.07 -1.3%
    16/19 Charged Wheels Shinko Cheater, 48t steel 7.20 -3.0%
    18/21 Charged Wheels MX33, 48t steel 7.36 -5.4%



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