Hand selected upgrades for the Sur-Ron that will improve your bike at reasonable prices.  Each item in this list are what we consider the essential upgrades.

Cheap and Easy

- brake pads (Shimano H03A or H03C are great choices)

- 3" rise handlebars / direct-mount stem / grips

- tires / tubes (70/100-19 moto tires)


Off-road Necessities

- foot pegs and support brace

- bigger sprocket (oem is 48 but 54+ will produce a significant upgrade in torque)


Major Upgrades (our wish list)

- wheels (16/19 or 18/21 for significant increase in traction and reduced flats)

- suspension (DVO, Manitou, etc)

- power / battery (ASI BAC4000 / bypass / etc)


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